December 09, 2017
The MOU between ICAF and Global.COOP is signed
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Hakan Yüksel, President of International Confederation of Agriculture and Food and Nikita Goldsmit, CEO of Global.COOP. The parties identified common interests and agreed to promote the IT-platform and jointly develop additional services for the members of the Confederation.
December 09, 2017
Working group was set up by the representatives of Coop Connect and Ministry of Customs and Trade of Turkey
Establishing a working group on cooperative digitalization during the 2nd Turkey Cooperative Fair.

Mr. Arif S. Seymenoglu, Director-General of Department of Cooperatives, Ministry of Customs and Trade of Turkey; Mr. Huseyin Polat, Senior Co-op development Consultant at UN & ILO, National Co-op Union of Turkey; Mr. Muammer Niksarli, Turkey National Cooperative Union and General President of KENT-COOP ; Mr. Dimitry Shabaldin, Centrosoyuz Russia.

December 08, 2017
NBB Stock Exchange (Turkey), Centrosoyuz (Russia) and the International Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives (Turkey) give notice of the collaborative partnership

The companies came together in the 2nd Turkish Cooperative Fair held in Ankara under the leadership of the Ministry of Customs and Trade. All parties expressed the opinion that this partnership would have very positive impact on economic and social life of both countries.

The NBB Coop organization Chairman Necati Bulak said that signatures will be given tomorrow.

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December 07, 2017
Global.COOP in Turkey
Today representatives of the Centrosoyuz and Coop Connect took part in the opening ceremony of the II Turkish cooperative fair in Ankara. The fair was visited by high-ranking officials of Turkey, including the Minister of Customs and Trade of Turkey Bülent Tüfenkci. Right after the ceremony, the stand of Centrosoyuz and Global.COOP was visited by minister. There he thanked the Global.COOP delegates for participating in the fair and appreciated the prospects of the presented platform.
November 17, 2017
Korean newspaper talks about Coop Connect
Nikita Goldsmit, CEO of Coop Connect (, says:

"The blockchain is based on decentralization and consensus, so it works perfectly with the cooperative DNA. We have to implement the cutting-edge technologies into the cooperation".

Coop Connect provides free communication services for cooperatives: audio & video calls, audio & text messages, file & geo sharing. A messenger is a part of global.COOP ecosystem, that serves several fundamental business needs at once – billing, online transactions and logistics.

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November 15, 2017
Coop Connect presentation on ICA Global Conference and General Assembly 2017
The Coop Connect communication platform was presented during ICA Global Conference and General Assembly 2017 with a variety of formats to the international cooperative community. There is a lot of interest to the platform – over 120 representatives from different countries said they are ready to start the implementation of the technology projects in their cooperatives.
November 04, 2017
Coop Connect in India
A delegation of Centrosoyuz of Russia (the Central Union of Consumer Societies of the Russian Federation) took part in the celebrations of the golden anniversary of IFFCO (India Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative) and presented its Coop Connect communication platform there. Alexander Kazachkov presented A.K. Singh, the Deputy Director of IFFCO, with a certificate confirming the status of a golden Coop Connect partner. It was the first time that this type of certificate had been presented to anyone, which stresses the special relations between our two countries.
July 20, 2017
ICA conference in Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia hosted a meeting of the International Co-operative Alliance where Centrosoyuz for the first time presented its new mobile communications platform Coop Connect, which is specifically designed for consumer cooperation participants. In a conversation with Monique F. Leroux, the president of the ICA, and Jean-Louis Bancel, the President of Cooperatives Europe, Dmitry Zubov, the Chairman of the Centrosoyuz Council, drew their attention to the special features of the cooperative IT model, which can help participants overcome geographical barriers, creating conditions for bringing cooperation in a single global virtual environment.